Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How I Won a Tee-Shirt

How I Won a Tee-Shirt in a Rugby Essay Contest

By Wes "Brigham" Clark

There was a funny writer associated with the Wakefield RFC in England who went by the name of Master William Webb Ellis; he had a regular article which he called "Fine Disregard." It ventured from the serious to the ribald. Reading his articles, I noticed his issue of the first-ever "Fine Disregard Millennium Christmas New Year Happy Bar Mitzvah Rugby World Cup Competition and Disregard Essay Contest." The question was, "Who do you think the real winner of the 1999 Rugby World Cup was, and why?"

Always up for a writing challenge, I sent in a piece nominating U.S. Eagle Juan Grobler for being the only man to score a try against the world champion Wallabies.

I am happy to report that I won the competition, and merited extensive mention in one of Ellis' later columns.

So what does this tee-shirt look like?

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